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about skiXXX

the idea for skiXXX came about due to a mix of warm weather, injury, and of course, drinking. one summer night out, as often happens, we were talking about our stoke levels for the upcoming season, so much so that we decided it was time to head home early so we could watch some of that sweet, dirty, hardcore ski porn. you know what i’m talking about! and given a few injuries we were recovering from, we knew it would provide just the motivation we needed to get back on the rehab train.

so we got home, hovered around the laptop with some brews, and started the searching. we went to the normal video sites and some other ski/board brand sites but were surprised that we couldn’t just find one website specifically built around and for ski porn. boom! idea!

so there you have it, the birth of sweet baby six ounce! we hope you enjoy and please please send us feedback and let us know any improvements you’d like to see!


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